I Thought He Was Rehabilitated

No seriously. That’s what he said on the Mike Smerconish show on our sister station WPHT. The full interview airs today on 1210am. Oh brother. So first it was, just a guy in the neighborhood. Then it was I didn’t really know he was a terrorist. Now it’s … well listen for yourself. Pathological … or something. From Fox and Friends this morning.

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  1. Erik
    Erik says:

    OMG, stop with the Bill Ayers already. It amazes me that this is what sells ads on your station. People are so stupid to get caught up in this "Entertainment Tonight" he said she said BS, and then gloss over important issues. pplz need to get some perspective here.

    McCain should STFU about this because he had an affair on his dying wife and then bailed on her when she was ill and married some rich Betty, pretty questionable if you ask me. They BOTH exercise poor judgment, and they BOTH have questionable character.


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