Hypocrisy on parade – AlGore’s house boat on display

Noble Peace Prize winner AlGore continues his assault on common sense. He likes to travel from city to city and preach that the earth as a fever and we must do something now. Planetary emergency aside, AlGore has been trapped yet again by regular folk that are sick of his proselytizing.

House boats are huge in the south. You might say that it is a status symbol to have one, but boats of this size are more than commonplace on the region’s lakes. House boats are just that – a second home for those in the area. The Gore family has a new house boat – named Bio-Solar One – which runs on bio-desiel and solar energy.

As of this morning, the solar panels have not been installed and the boat is supposedly a new purchase. I’m not going to slam him for that; but what the heck is this guy’s carbon footprint now? Is he so important – and his message so critical – that he can live the high life of extreme excess and not be criticized by anyone?

Steve Gill, a talk show radio host based in Tennesse is all over the story, and the story about B.S. One has gotten some national attention at Malkin’s blog.

AlGore and family can do anything they want with the money that they have earned. Good for them. But I want them to STOP telling us what to do – drive less, buy hybrids, install solar, conserve, conserve and conserve more – when they are doing the exact opposite, burning through energy at the rate of some small countries.

Leave me alone.

Most people don’t have the huge amounts of cash required to convert their lives to politically correct sources of energy. It costs too damn much money dude. Should we cripple the economy to stop using oil next week and spend trillions of tax dollars to build windmills and other PC energy?

You probably think I’m joking about trillions of tax dollars – you’re wrong, not joking.

Nice personal water craft Al. Does it run on bio-desiel too?

Hot Air has The obligatory “Gore’s got a brand new yacht” post too.

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  1. SolarBoater
    SolarBoater says:

    First-off I think the article is misleading and irresponsible as it just attempts to incite people and provides no factual basis.

    The originator of this article seems a little too motivated to portray this as a huge power consuming beast and most people wouldn't know otherwise as they are not knowledgeable about boats. As a life long boater I'd like to point out a few FACTS.  If it runs on bio-fuel that's great but it only matters when he is out of his slip and running his engine.
    Most all boats docked in a marina will have shore power connected to them to power at least a battery charger and bilge pumps. If it is a recent purchase it's only logical that it will take some time to upgrade it to full solar to power but even then, it will most likely always have shore power connected for those days when the sun isn't shining. 
    Would you really expect a owner to have an investment subject to sinking due to the batteries being discharged? Marine electronics are also very good at controlling and regulating power consumption as they have to be to operate on open water. It also most likely has a fridge on it that needs juice to keep the catsup and beer cold. This can be powered by solar but again, solar energy is collected and stored in batteries. He might also have a generator that runs off that bio-fuel. Chargers kick in when required to top off batteries and not until if they are getting juice from solar.  It could also use propane so If you really want to REPORT something factual, why not REPORT what the power consumption is?  Just because it's connected doesn't mean it's sucking power. I'd venture to say the two plugs he has provide only 50 amps MAX which is pretty standard for a boat this size.  What does your house consume?
    Al might not be perfect but then, neither are you – Instead of trying to slam the guy why not look at the contributions he tries to make to better our planet? For instance, if people just put their homes electronic devices on power strips imagine how much juice they would be saving. Multiply that times a bazillion households. Fact is all those devices are sucking power no matter if they are on or off.  Is it so bad to let people know that? Do you think our government might protect our natural resources by regulating consumer products to not consume energy unnecessarily?
    Please take a little more responsibility to provide accurate information or your articles are no more "newsworthy" than the tabloids and Britney Spears latest escapades.

  2. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    Misleading? Irresponsible? I guess you missed my point. I've got no problem with people buying and enjoying house boats.

    I'm quite clear in my post, all of it is factual.

    Liberals – including Gore – go around preaching that we use too much of the world's energy. I think the recent figure is that we have 3 percent of the world's population and use 25 percent of the energy.

    He's preaching we have to use less. How is buying this boat equal using less? How is his jet-setting using less? His house is huge and still uses five times the energy than mine.

    All I'm saying is stay out of my personal life  I'm an adult and do not need politicians to tell me to inflate my tires – I'm not an idiot.

    By the way, I've been around boats – mostly sailboats – all of my life. I sold my first small sailboat when I was 11. (My dad had a small boat dealership)

    I've even ripped apart a Cat diesel once or twice.

  3. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    One other thing, if AlGore really thinks that the planet has a fever and we are in a planetary emergency – his words – why would he do ANYTHING to increase his "carbon footprint."

    This is his income now, this is how he makes money.

  4. Todd
    Todd says:

    I own a few semi trucks  and I can tell you  that  any modern  diesel engine  will  burn bio  diesel with no modification so right there he is trying to make you think his engines are somehow different than the engines in the boat parked next to him. If he were able to source bio at that lake  you might want to tell him that  you will burn  more per  hour  since there  is less  energy  in  a gallon  of  bio  vs  regular  diesel.  All  a big  boat  load big  AL  is trying to  sell you.   Want  to see  green  living ? Look at  George  W  Bush's house.

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The first post misses a number of facts, some related to the boat, some not.  Biodiesel aside, who, but the AGW messiah, can afford the kind of technology that allows Gore to say he uses solar etc.?  How much energy was consumed in the construction of his river barge?  When will these promised green technologies be implemented, if at all.  I remind you of Gore's palatial mansion, which consumes the more than 20 times the energy of normal homes, using twice the amount in one month that an average American family uses in an entire year, and whose energy consumption was reported to have increased recently by 10%, despite modifications to do otherwise.  Need I remind anyone of the private jets and giant SUVs that the Carbon King uses to move himself from one unchallenged speaking engagement to another?

    Hypocrisy has been defined as "the tribute vice pays to virtue,"  but the word is insufficient when applied to Gore.  Add to that the fact that Gore's claims are riddled with flaws, assumptions and half truths, and he is too gutless to accept any debates with actual scientists to defend his assertions.  He just calls them "deniers" (heretics?) who are to be shunned in the face of "consensus."

    I wish someone would just ask Gore one question: what is the climate of the planet supposed to be?   Any student of geologic history knows that this planet has been through major changes, massive extinctions and huge climate swings, without a single human being present, yet this buffoon has the utter hubris to think he knows what the climate is supposed to be.  The simple fact that evidence shows that during the last interglacial period, about 115,000 years ago (if I recall correctly), the average sea level rise was on the order of 15 to 18 feet, not inches, but feet.  All without a single SUV or even the industrial revolution!  And we are supposed to worry about a few centimeters.

    Gore got C's and D's in what few science courses he took in college (http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&contentId=A37397-2000Mar18).  Why does anyone give him any credence at all?

  6. mrbenz7
    mrbenz7 says:

    Well, I wondered how Al Gore buying up all the Carbon Tax Credits he will make himself rich with were going to be used and now we know! What a hypocrite! We should all be using less is what he said last. I guess that doesn't include Al Gore!

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this huge sucker should be worth a few million at least!!

  7. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Amazing.  That boat uses a lot of power just hooked to the dock.  Looks like double 200 amp Hubbell power supplies.  The solar item is just for virtue.  Solar won't do a tiny part of his power service.  500 gallon fuel supply?  I suspect it is a diesel generator and gasolene powered.  That boat may rarely leave the dock.  I suspect it is a huge consumer of power when it is just hooked up.  These are not insulated like a home and require a lot of heat in the winter to not freeze up. 
    This vessel gets 5 stars from Opec. 

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