Hypocrisy on parade – AlGore’s house boat on display

Noble Peace Prize winner AlGore continues his assault on common sense. He likes to travel from city to city and preach that the earth as a fever and we must do something now. Planetary emergency aside, AlGore has been trapped yet again by regular folk that are sick of his proselytizing.

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House boats are huge in the south. You might say that it is a status symbol to have one, but boats of this size are more than commonplace on the region’s lakes. House boats are just that – a second home for those in the area. The Gore family has a new house boat – named Bio-Solar One – which runs on bio-desiel and solar energy.

As of this morning, the solar panels have not been installed and the boat is supposedly a new purchase. I’m not going to slam him for that; but what the heck is this guy’s carbon footprint now? Is he so important – and his message so critical – that he can live the high life of extreme excess and not be criticized by anyone?

Steve Gill, a talk show radio host based in Tennesse is all over the story, and the story about B.S. One has gotten some national attention at Malkin’s blog.

AlGore and family can do anything they want with the money that they have earned. Good for them. But I want them to STOP telling us what to do – drive less, buy hybrids, install solar, conserve, conserve and conserve more – when they are doing the exact opposite, burning through energy at the rate of some small countries.

Leave me alone.

Most people don’t have the huge amounts of cash required to convert their lives to politically correct sources of energy. It costs too damn much money dude. Should we cripple the economy to stop using oil next week and spend trillions of tax dollars to build windmills and other PC energy?

You probably think I’m joking about trillions of tax dollars – you’re wrong, not joking.

Nice personal water craft Al. Does it run on bio-desiel too?

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