How’s the condition of the Mall this morning?

I’m hoping the crowd was neat. The Washington D.C. Mall area is a special place for everyone and I fondly remember hanging out tossing a Frisbee on many occasions during my first couple years of college. The turf gets pretty beat up – which is expected – but what did it look like after the protest? Any pictures?

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The reports I can find – here, here – indicate the Mall was left in good condition.

Also, in addition to being angry without being violent and massing in massive numbers without being destructive, conservative protesters are neat. When radical liberal (“progressive”) protesters have “descended on” DC and demonstrated, it’s sometimes taken days for US Park Authority personnel to clean up all the litter and trash the protesters left behind. But, I didn’t see any trash on the ground today. In fact, I saw one little old lady who actually had the banana peel from the banana she had brought as a snack stored in her lunch bag until she could find a proper trash receptacle to put it in. Now, that’s neat.

I don’t have to remind you about the stories about the National Mall’s condition after the president’s inauguration. Events like this frequently end up trashing the venue, I just wish people would pack out what they pack in.

Gateway Pundit has a photo and asks the same question.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    No 20,000 porto potties. No 240 million budget, and the mall is much cleaner that after innauguration. No acts of violance. No vandalism. But the Mob was there….Now I ask play this Soprano theme video on youtube… and 20 secnds in play the CNN video of Joe Wilson mob…setting volume at 50% so the 2 volumes are equal. watch both graphics simultaneously.. .

  2. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    OK- who is going to call the Million Man March to let them know that THIS is what a million people look like?

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