How Sarah Palin handled corruption – from American Thinker

I was just forwarded this e-mail, and did some digging to find out where it came from. It was not too hard, and it turns out this article was originally posted on American Thinker, one of our favorite blogs.

I’m not sure who the original author was, but since it was posted on AT, I’ll link to it for you. The article is obviously biased towards Palin.

CNN has a transcript of a short interview on Sept. 5 with Wooten. It’s close to the bottom of the page.

WOOTEN: He was hooked up, just little clips. And the — you know, the taser was activated for less than a second, which would be less than what you would get if you touched an electric fence. And you know, it was as safe as I could possibly make it.
GRIFFIN (on camera): Looking back, was it dumb?
WOOTEN: Yes, it was. Absolutely. And you know, like I stated before, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and learned from those mistakes. And not the best decision I’ve ever made, absolutely not.

The kid was 11. Yeah, dumb.

GRIFFIN: Drinking in cars?
GRIFFIN: Didn’t happen?
WOOTEN: Didn’t happen.
GRIFFIN: Were those witnesses — lying?
WOOTEN: I don’t — I don’t know why they would say that. It didn’t happen.
GRIFFIN (voice-over): In 2006, a trooper investigation upheld several of the allegations against Wooten, including the taser incident, the shooting of the moose, and the use of alcohol while driving the patrol vehicle.

If they upheld the taser and drinking allegations, he should be off the department.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): Wooten would not discuss the Palin family or speak directly about them. His marriage to Molly was his third. Since then, the 36-year-old trooper has married and divorced yet again.
(on camera) I’m going to ask you personal questions. Have you had trouble with women in your life? Handling relationships, has that been a problem?
WOOTEN: There’s been issues, yes.
GRIFFIN: The issues, including a long list of reprimands as a state trooper, eventually landed Trooper Mike Wooten on suspension for five days. He was not fired. His boss, though, was. And that is where the legal trouble begins for Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin.

Legal trouble begins for the governor? The reality is Monegan (the former public safety commissioner) was not fired because he did not fire Wooten. Palin records released proved this more than a week ago. Monegan was insubordinate and in the old boys club. He paid for being an idiot.

Monegan served at the pleasure of the governor.

Since when does a trooper report directly to the state police commander? Griffin refers to Monegan being “his boss.”

Those lawyers trying to dig up dirt on Palin better hurry up. The sun goes down up there in Alaska and it gets damn cold.

I’m done with this.