House Vote On Health Care – Call to action. Now!

The House is taking up the Pelosicare bill today and Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats need your help if we are going to stop this piece of crap that will do a wide vareity of bad things and very little good. If you need a refresher course … here’s the link to the SOS posts on the 2000 page abomination. Unlike Congress, she has read most of the bills, including Pelosi’s piece of crap.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Michelle Malkin is live blogging the event including this:

House Republicans will hold a second Operation House Call protest event today at 1pm Eastern. If you are in D.C., stand with them.

Please make the effort to make one call … Murphy and Courtney in particular need to know it won’t take much to take back their seats, which were Republican seats.

Plus Jim Hoft, our good friend at Gateway, has a list of other Blue Dogs who could use a nudge here.

Need a little more motivation. Excuse me Mr President. could you talk to the RVO readers for a moment.


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