Hey, these guys have never even sold a pair of shoes

It’s a sad day when a sports writer and a lefty to boot, gets it, and the White House can’t see it at all.

And that is the truth. I truly believe they see no value in business minds. The White House is wrapped up in academia, Harvard, Berkley, faculty lounge theory, believing, truly believing that these wizards of smart can right the economic ship, if only we gave them the chance. If only we gave them more money. Yeah that’s it, more money. It is their non-stop endless answer to everything. It is the answer to every statist state that has ever existed. We just need more money, for schools, the poor, housing. It is the lefty salve for whatever ails them without ever asking where it comes from or how capital is created in the first place.

So the economy is stuck in first gear (to use an overused car analogy), and these wizards, who have never signed a pay check other than their own, can’t get it going. Well Mike Barnicle isn’t surprised … and neither should you.


It reminds of when I was a boy and would ask my Dad for cash. The answer was common in the 60s … “Ya think money grows on trees?” Now I knew it didn’t but I had no idea how hard he worked for it, or how he had to be innovative and invest in new equipment and new ideas to stay ahead of his competition. I was immature.

That’s where most lefties are. In a permanent state of adolescence. They know full well where the money comes from. They just have no idea how it is made.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I am thankful for the many, frequently lousy, jobs that I have had in the real world, because they have given me the perspectives on the world of which the many prima donnas of academia have been deprived.


    Punch a clock?  Be docked pay for being late?  Not a clue crosses their brows.  Forget about meeting a payroll.  They just write grants and employ slave (graduates) or near slave (postdocs) labor on the government's, I mean, our dime.  If the grant doesn't get funded, they get money from the college or university to tide them over.  No bankruptcy here.


    There is no experience like experience, and the people chosen to be Øbama's advisors have little.  Clearly, that is not working to our advantage.

  2. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    Reminds me of my stupidity when I graduated college.  (Sorry, Dad, but yes, I was stupid even after you paid those hard earned bucks to put me through, thanks)  I thought I was still "Big Man on Campus" until….I had to get a job and earn my own way.

    But, thankfully from his wisdom, his putting me to work on his construction jobs during the summer, and my other job as a pharmacy clerk under another stern employer, I had learned the value of a hard-earned dollar and self-respect.

    Which brings me to my point: these folks (to use a Bush endearment), these "Big Men on Campus" have not learned the meaning of the value of a hard-earned dollar and their actions prove it.  It's always easier to spend other peoples' money…or should I say, steal.

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