Hey! I Don’t Get A Per Diem!

Reason enough I guess to put a story on Sarah Palin’s expense report on the front page of the Washington Post … I posted below so I am not going to go through it again … it is the biggest non story about her so far… even Chris Matthews gets it … the laugh line comes when Matthews presses him on whether $50 a day for expenses is really a story … Grimaldi’s response is priceless.


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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    If you work for the government, it's completely acceptable to be all sorts of cash reimbursements. That's the deal – and completely legal.

    $60 per night? Correct me if I'm wrong (please), but did the family choose to live at home – and have mom cook – instead of moving everyone to Juno to live at the governors mansion (at taxpayer expense)?

    She does stay at the mansion only during legislative sessions?

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