Help us “Find The Cure” for Lupus

Starting at 10AM we will present a special edition of the Jim Vicevich Show. Sandra Raymond, from the Lupus Foundation of America will be joining us, as well as Lisa Sartorius, the President of the Connecticut Lupus Foundation, as we take some time to raise money for Lupus research. Click here to contribute. Look for the “DONATE NOW” on the left hand side of the donate page. Read more about Lupus below the fold.

As many of you may know I have Lupus. Lupus (SLE, CLE, SCLE) is a debilitating autoimmune disease, and while it’s affects on each individual can vary widely, left unchecked, it can cause permanent damage to skin, kidneys, lungs, heart and the central nervous system. I asked someone once how she would describe Lupus, she responded, “It’s your body kicking it’s own butt”, and in fact that describes Lupus as good as anything I’ve heard. For reasons the medical community still has not determined (although it’s trying), a person’s immune system turns on itself attacking skin, kidneys, lungs, heart … even the central nervous system. (To learn more about Lupus click here.)

Most of the people who suffer from this disease are women, and unfortunately it can strike at a very early age. In mild forms most people will tell you their lives have not changed. But for the many with severe SLE, it requires major changes in lifestyle.

Because there is no cure, much of controlling Lupus is up to the patient her/himself, That means, among other things, avoiding direct sunlight (speedos and bikinis at the beach are out, heh), eating certain foods (ugh), avoiding others, scheduling long consecutive hours of sleep and/or rest to allow the body to recover and keep the immune system in check.

For people in the midst of a flare (when the disease is active, and mine has lasted more than two years) it can also be incredibly painful. Joint pain, muscle aches and intense headaches. In short … everything hurts … a lot.

A regimen of drugs, borrowed from other diseases, keeps Lupus in check for most,  although not all people. Unfortunately, in rare cases, Lupus can still be fatal. And that is why we are having this special show.

We will be raising money for Lupus research that is being conducted right here in Connecticut and we are hoping that the breakthrough Lupus patients have been waiting 50 years for, will happen here.

So click on the logo and make a contribution … please. You will see “DONATE NOW” on the left side of the page under he heading “visitors”.

Then go here to learn more about Lupus … Lupus Foundation of America.

And don’t forget to join us starting at 10AM and hear the stories of people who deal with this disease every day.

From my heart, thank you.

Jim Vicevich

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  1. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Lupus like all other auto immune diseases takes away your ability of self control of your body; it takes control doing as it likes when it likes, the one thing it cannot take from you is your spirit of life.

    Jim you are a testimony to those fighting lupus you face it on, face to face, climb over its hurtles, climb the mountains and make it through life in spite with a smile of sunshine. Keep climbing that mountain, you will overcome, reaching the pinnacle to plant your flag of Lupus Free.

    Let us all help Jim and all others, give as you can, when you can, scientists are close, but they need more help, government money is not there, but we do not care, we can do it ourselves, one dollar at a time, one scientist at a time, together we will all help Jim and other reach that pinnacle.

  2. andrea
    andrea says:

    LOST MY POST.  I will contribute the final $60 on top of original donation if you commit to quit.  chantix is the way to go and the easiest thing I ever did. Quit 3.5 years ago when my best friend – non-smoker was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and passed 2 years ago.  Stop paying the state all that tax and eliminate their power to tell us what to do.  We make it our choice.


  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    There was a time when I would have given large and gladly. However, when you are living on your savings there is not much to share. My only ability now is in the political arena, if the cure could come from CT, we should fight for funding, real funding. There must be grants we could get from J&J or other institutions. After this one last campaign is over on Feb 22, I will investigate. This disease is heartbreaking and not easy to diagnose. My aunt was diagnosed with Lupus and instead it was Lymphoma, either way a misdiagnosis is devastating.

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