Health care providers will be on the hook for some patients who don’t pay premiums

By Steve McGough | December 6, 2013 |

If you ran a business – and yes, a physician’s office is a business – would you join into a program that requires you provide services, but does not guaranty you’d get paid? That’s what physicians and other health care providers are learning when it comes to insureds who fall behind on their premium payments.

To Boehner: It’s too late to just delay Obamacare for a year

By Steve McGough | November 27, 2013 |

Critics fought the federal health care legislation really hard. At some point, the clock can not be turned back. I’m not saying we can’t eventually get rid of this stupid law, it’s just that we can’t delay it – delay anything – and expect the issue to be resolved in 34 days. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Correction: Congress and their Obamacare health care choices

By Steve McGough | November 20, 2013 |

On Oct. 30, I made the assumption Congress – since they are on an employer-based plan – would not have to sign up on an Obamacare website because of the employer mandate delay. I was incorrect, they do have to sign up online for a plan now, but we now know why they are not…

Obama blames Republicans for Obamacare problems

By Steve McGough | November 20, 2013 |

Oh no you don’t Mr. President. Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with the ‘problems’ you’re having with the rollout of this monstrosity. He certainly has the habit of placing blame elsewhere does he not?

Majority of Americans say “No” to federal government’s involvement in health care

By Steve McGough | November 19, 2013 |

I think this is significant since it gives promise to our demands for a smaller and leaner government, especially at the federal level. Only 42 percent of random adults think the federal government should be involved with health care.

Another Obamacare success story totally falls apart

By Steve McGough | November 19, 2013 |

I honestly do feel sorry for this woman, but when something seems too good to be true – especially when it involves the federal government – it’s too good to be true. Jessica Sanford’s monthly premium when from $169, to $198, to $280, to $324 with a high deductible. Then she found out she did…

Heads finally roll over Obamacare

By SoundOffSister | November 18, 2013 |

Well, not exactly heads, but at least one head.

Let’s do the Obamacare math

By SoundOffSister | November 15, 2013 |

The major premise behind Obamacare (at least as sold to the American public) was that some 40 million Americans did not have health insurance (notice I didn’t say health care), and something needed to be done to fix that situation.  That was some three and a half years ago.  Flash forward to today.

Thank goodness – There is a bailout for insurance companies built in to Obamacare

By Steve McGough | November 15, 2013 |

I’ll try to make this somewhat complicated event easy to understand. Insurance companies submit estimates for insurance costs (payouts) in to the federal government. If the payouts exceed 103 percent of the estimate, the taxpayers cut a check to insurance companies for 50 percent of the loss. 108 percent equals an 80 percent bailout.

CMS admits – in writing – Obamacare plans will cost more even with government subsidies

By Steve McGough | November 15, 2013 |

President Obama told everyone that he expected family premiums to be lowered by $2,500 per year. We’ve established that statement as a lie, but there is more. We said premium costs and health care would be more expensive due to this legislation and now the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) agrees.