Happy New Year – Video

I will let the video speak for itself. For those of you who can’t play this. Thanks to all of you for making the blog and the show successful. From all of us here, Steve, SOS, Dave and Eric, God Bless and Happy 2010.


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  1. Uconnjim
    Uconnjim says:

    You're welcome, Jim.  And, thank you for being a voice, the voice for many of us in this small liberal state.  A voice of reasoning and critical thinking.  I pledge to you, (knock against those Hollywood elites) Mr. Vicevich, to espouse this show and spread its word to all with a truly open mind.  May this be a great, healthy and safe year, let's pray, we will need it.

  2. donh
    donh says:

    Thank you Jim. For anyone out looking to make some extra money. The Dump Dodd pin I have been wearing is a big hit . There is a good business entrepreneurial opportunity to be made selling these pins. Also  an " I SURVIVED  OBAMANATION"  T shirt is SURE to  be a BIG seller. Who knows a hundred T shirts  sold today and tomorrow you could be on TV right up there with Sham Wow Guy and the Slap Chopper. We gotta do it because the RNC is just going to take your money and waste it on fancy dinner banquets for RINOS and mass mailings asking you for MORE contributions.

  3. tom
    tom says:

    Same here,Jim. I don't call often but you always got my ears!

    God Bless you,sis,and all who make it happen.

    (gave you early Alison Krauss cd in '08)

    Tom in Bristol

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