Happy 235th Birthday Marines!

Send your birthday wishes to the United States Marines in the comments section. Thank you for serving your country and thanks to the family members who support them all.

They took the Eagle from the Air Force
The Anchor from the Navy
The Rope from the Army

And on the seventh day while God rested,
They overran the perimeter and stole the Globe
and having been running the show ever since.

Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Happy birthday, to our brightest and strongest lights. To all Marines, thank you for your service. Combat and non-combat alike, you are always trained and ready to defend. Be proud and Live it up today!

  2. Army Strong
    Army Strong says:

    I just want to send out a special 235th Marine Corp Birthday wish to my Dad who is still going Strong at the tender age of 96 years Old!    He served with the   3rd Marine Air Wing during WW II and was serving in the Phillipine Islands.  So Happy Birthday Marine Corps., and  Thank you all Marines who serve with Pride , Honor, Courage, Duty, and Committment to service. Semper FI!  and UUUUUUUU-RRRAAAHHHHHH!  The Few, The Proud, the Marines.

  3. plepak
    plepak says:

    Jim was wondering if schools teach about Veteran's Day.  Our school in Simsbury had each child fill out a star with the names of any Veterans they may know (living or deceased) for a display.  This activity led to some great discussions in our family.  They were also asked to invite Veterans to an assembly tomorrow – the theme of the assembly is Thankfulness.  I was impressed because when I was in elementary school in the 70's Veteran's Day was just a day off from school.  Thank you to all the Vets – especially the Marines on their birthday. 

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