Handgun continuing education opportunity – May 2 – 4

I’m helping to organize two handgun training opportunities in early May up in Deerfield, Mass. Whether you’ve just taken the NRA Basic Pistol class and purchased your first handgun, or are more experienced, we have a class for you!

Courses are taught by Operation Specific Training instructors. Jerry Jones and Bruce Gray are scheduled to teach the classes, but this may change depending on the size of the class. Click here to download a brochure covering both classes including instructor qualifications. I highly recommend both of these classes. I’ve taken Practical Fundamentals or a shortened version of the class with Jerry, Bruce and other OpSpec instructors four or five times during the last seven years, and it is well worth the cost and time commitment.

If you carry for self defense, are interested in carrying, enjoy practical shooting, are interested in practical shooting, or just want to improve your pistol shooting skills … these classes are for you.

Introduction to Practical Fundamentals

Course Date: May 2 (8 Hours)
Prerequisites: NRA Basic Handgun or equivalent training. Basic firearm handling skills with a core foundation in firearm safety.
Course Fee: $225 plus $10 range fees.

The Introduction to Practical Fundamentals class is a solid introduction to the semi-automatic service pistol, standard holsters, magazines, magazine carriers, holster draw steps, prepping the trigger, reloading, fundamental gun handling, and static shooting positions.

  • Course emphasis on range and firearm safety, gun handling skills, and dry fire exercises.
  • Grip and presentation from holster.
  • Sight alignment and detailed review of trigger control.
  • Live-fire shooting included, expect the round count to be at or less than 200 rounds.
  • This program is not a concealed carry class and concealment on the line is not permitted.

Practical Fundamentals

Course Date: May 3 & 4 (16 Hours, 2 Days)
Prerequisites: Intro to Practical Fundamentals, or equivalent. Those with LEO, military, or practical competition experience (IDPA, USPSA) are welcome.
Course Fee: $450 plus $20 range fees.

Practical Fundamentals teaches the techniques and philosophy of what we believe a shooter needs to improve to their full potential. This is not a beginning handgun course.

  • Achieve an accurate shot by controlling the trigger with the platform and trigger type of your choice.
  • Acquire proper sight alignment and allow the shot to happen.
  • Recoil management & making accurate follow-up shots.
  • Efficient grip, presentation of the gun and shooting stance.
  • Finding your personal sphere of dexterity, reloading efficiently and reliably.
  • Transitioning between targets for accuracy without wasted movements.
  • Make a shot that will stun you with your acquired ability.

practical-fundamentalsIn both programs, the shooter will focus on the process of running the gun in a logical process, not what appears on the target. By focusing on a training pattern to achieve accuracy and speed goals, the shooter will make faster hits on smaller targets; on demand. Students may enroll in one, or both courses based on their experience. The schedule allows for enrollment in one, two or three days of training. Expected round counts: 200 for day one, and 400 for days two and three. Practical Fundamentals students are encouraged to take the class multiple times to master course concepts.

If you have any questions about the class, feel free to contact me through the RVO website and I’ll get right back to you.

Disclosure: Spider Creations (my company) manages the websites for both OpSpec Training and Grayguns. I do not get paid for promoting these classes.