Gun control on the sly

Wonder why President Obama isn’t doing more on the topic of gun control?

Perhaps because the United Nations is carrying water for him, with the Small Arms Treaty. As Larry Bell of Forbes suggests, the treaty would most likely entail:

  1. Enact tougher licensing requirements, creating additional bureaucratic red tape for legal firearms ownership.
  2. Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (exempting those owned by our government of course).
  3. Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons (any that have magazines even though they still operate in the same one trigger pull – one single “bang” manner as revolvers, a simple fact the ant-gun media never seem to grasp).
  4. Create an international gun registry, clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation.
  5. In short, overriding our national sovereignty, and in the process, providing license for the federal government to assert preemptive powers over state regulatory powers guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment in addition to our Second Amendment rights.

Why should Obama lift a hand, when the UN plans to give him such a lever?


Editor’s [Steve] Note:

  1. There is no treaty. A draft has not even been released.
  2. The United Nations can do a lot of things … that does not mean we have to blindly do what they say.
  3. The Senate would have to pass such a treaty … and if it really “confiscated and destroyed unauthorized civilian firearms” do you think they would pass it just to keep President Obama from being embarrassed in front of the world’s community as Bell suggests in his commentary post?
  4. The Supreme Court has ruled the Second Amendment is an individual right, and the tide is definitely turning in favor of gun rights advocates across the United States.

Should you be freaked out about this? Should you be sending me emails about this every few days? Should you be sending out chain emails to your friends and family about this treaty that does not currently even exist in draft form? Absolutely not.

Should you keep informed about real local, state and federal legislation that would restrict your ability to protect yourself and your family with a firearm … yes.

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  1. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    View it as an opportunity:? Maybe it will create a grass roots 2nd amendment driven movement to get out of the UN.? The UN serves no purpose nor any interest of the United States and has not for decades.

  2. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Since when was the U.N. the legal authority in this country?

    Tear up the lease?and send their socialist agenda to socialist Europe.

  3. TomL
    TomL says:

    What I think about is when you see citizen uprisings in the Middle East they’re throwing stones and the miltia’s fire back with guns.

  4. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    It may not be a written treaty yet but….
    1.? John Bolton ( former US Rep. at teh UN fought tooth and nail for gun rights and keeping the UN from?overriding US law, Constitution, etc..
    2. and scroll down a bit.? The sculpture with the gun and knotted barrel speaks volumes – as in “They always tell you who they are and what they intend to do.”
    3. @ Gdavid H – The UN was WRONGFULLY given ALOT of authority when our Feds went whining to them when Arizona moved?to take care of their borders since the Feds failed to do their job.?? Oh yeah – and when Obama made that unprecedented speech there early in his Presidency.
    ……………. Tin hat stuff??????? I think not.???

  5. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Murphy and Patriot,
    Where as I really appreciate your responses, especially the reminder about the Interpol thing, the response I was trying to elicit was that of enforcement. The U.N., as far as I know, has absolutely no authority to enforce anything in this country without the compliance of our own government.?
    If?our leaders complied with any of this nonsense they would be in contradiction of their oath of office, and ripe for tar and feathers.
    As a country founded on individual rights and freedoms, our only response to anything from the ultra-corrupt, hypocritical?U.N. should be “pound sand”?

    The end of this administration’s anti-Americanism can’t come soon enough.

  6. TomL
    TomL says:

    For those interested in keeping an eye on our 2nd amendment rights go to and see what the NRA is doing to protect our rights.

  7. porschepete
    porschepete says:

    I?think that UN stands for Useless Nations When the make the gun grab that is when the insurrection will begin and they know it.

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    Are you guys aware of the number of people who have been stockpiling unregistered arms over the past several years, only because of the possibility of something like this coming down the pike. Seriously, our Congress will never allow the UN to dictate US domestic policy, even if our clown-president gets down on his knees and begs for it. But keep in mind that an unregistered weapon is one that doesn’t exist… and easiest to hide away. I for one will never give up my arms to anyone, especially a government that has no regard for our Constitution.

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