Greyhawks jump into 3rd place – Troopathon… go go go!

Awesome 24 hours since Radio Vice Online joined the Greyhawk team led by Ron Winter. Even though the Hot Air Steamers, with leadership from Ed Morrissey, showed an impressive 72 percent increase in their donation total, the Greyhawks experienced a 6,200 percent jump in donations – how’s that for some serious twisting of mathematics!

The Hot Air Steamers with 12 blogging teams continue to lead with $13,000 in donations. Robert Spencer’s Anti-Jihadists are in 2nd place with 26 bloggers (yeah, that’s fair) gathering $5,100 towards care packages for the troops.

The Greyhawk team’s total is currently pegged at $1,574.64 and my guess is we’ll be jumping a little higher this afternoon. [Update: we’re at $1,725 as of Tuesday night.] Led by Ron Winter, the Greyhawk team includes The Carpet City Chronicle, Consent of the Governed, Rescue Attempt and Radio Vice Online.

Free Republic and Family Security Matters both have a powerful following and should not be dismissed with less than $300 each. Both could be a dark horse in this race.

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Donation Details
A Battalion Pack ($1,000) serves 50-60 troops, a Company Pack ($600) serves 25-30 troops, a Platoon Pack ($200) serves 15-20 troops, a Squad Pack ($100) serves 8-10 troops, a Large Pack ($50) serves 3-4 troops, and a Small Pack ($25) serves 1-2 troops.

Click here to donate care packages for the troops – and support the Greyhawk team. Choose a pack listed above. Read the instructions on the page – any questions you have about the process will be answered there.

Alternate donation methods available…

If you are looking to donate less than $25, or another amount not offered in the packs above, you can donate via PayPal – just let them know you’re on the Greyhawk team so they can keep score!

Ensure you hit the + icon and fill in the name of the referring blog: Greyhawks – Radio Vice Online. (Click on the image to the right to see a screen shot of the second PayPal step.) This is only needed if you are donating via PayPal.

— Send a Check —
You can also send a check via snail mail to the organization. In the memo field note “Troopathon – Greyhawk Team” and send your tax-deductible donation to:

The Campaign Store – Move America Forward Troopathon
P.O. Box 1863
Sacramento, CA 95812