Greta Van Susteren on Palin bashing – Video

Greta Van Susteren was at her best tonight when she had a number of people on concerning the McCain camp scapegoating of Sarah Palin. This 4 minute segment is the best example of her legal mind. Using simple logic she puts Politico reporter Alex Burns on the spot and turns him into a pretzel. “Have you ever seen her shopping?”, “Do you expect us to believe that a woman who ran a state that does business with countries around the world doesn’t know Africa is a continent?”. Enjoy a legal mind at work.


Greta later interviews author Elaine Lafferty, who worked with Palin, who says Palin was clearly sharp, a photographic memory, making the snarky stories simply unbelievable. “Did she suddenly become stupid?”

Want a different take on the clothing deal? Even the LA Times isn’t buying the Palin shopping thing. Want more on the “dummy” thing … even CNN says its bunk.

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  1. shiningcityonahill
    shiningcityonahill says:

    It's so nice that all of the partisanship and politics of personal destruction ended on election night. It's so wonderful how we've all come together as one nation. Time for a group hug.

  2. Terry Rieman
    Terry Rieman says:

    Alex Burns is young and stupid. He going
    strictly on he said, she said. Never believe
    a rumor without sourcing 20 times.

  3. Jane Curley
    Jane Curley says:

    Thank you for your core values (mine as well). Thank you for articulating them so well on your show today.

    You are a very bright star in this sea of blue! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for giving me hope.

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