Evil school loan lenders versus the schools with all the money

By Steve McGough | July 29, 2014 |

On a pretty regular basis during the last few years, we’ve seen stories concerning “outrageous” student loan rates and “unbearably-high” student loan principal amounts. The target is almost always the evil private student loan industrial complex and the employers who just won’t pay these kids enough money to pay off their loans. Should they direct their…

War on women: Obama still pays ladies 13% less than men

By Steve McGough | July 2, 2014 |

The left and the Obama administration are “infuriated” by the idea women are not paid the same as men in the workplace. Of course, this is another manufactured crisis that allows Democrats and liberals to attack conservatives and Republicans. Make up stuff and point at the Republicans and blame them for the “problem.”

What ever happened to freedom, and freedom of association?

By Steve McGough | July 2, 2014 |

Are we free? Are we free to choose to associate with some people and not with others? I met some people last night, and at some point I’ll make a decision to associate with them in the future or not. They will do the same. I’ll also determine what my level of association will be.…

Krauthammer on Hobby Lobby – Media lies will help Democrats

By Steve McGough | July 2, 2014 |

Yup. Charles Krauthammer is right. I’m not sure that I have ever seen such wide-spread media bias in my lifetime. The 16 news headlines and ledes I documented on Monday were just the tip of the iceberg, and the faithful are swallowing the meme whole … the mean guys on the Supreme Court are taking…

News media & liberal sites lying about Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision

By Steve McGough | July 1, 2014 |

The number of people claiming the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case denies the “rights” of women is alarming. The Facebook posts are out-of-control and completely out of context. People should take the time to read and understand the case Hobby Lobby brought against the government and stop lying about the SCOTUS decision and the case.

Lois Lerner email scandal update

By Steve McGough | June 19, 2014 |

A few days have passed since my original post on the subject, and since then there are reports the emails from six more employees are missing. Let’s recap shall we?

Symptom of the Disease: Liberal professor dumbfounded about support for McDaniel in Mississippi

By Steve McGough | June 18, 2014 |

The American people have to start somewhere. I’ve said over-and-0ver until I’m blue in the face; the DISEASE is the size and scope of the federal government and the unhealthy dependency states and local governments have when it comes to getting cash from said federal government. Some in Mississippi get it, but others like self-proclaimed…

Computer crash update – IRS letter to Congress re: Lerner emails

By Steve McGough | June 17, 2014 |

An important update to yesterday’s post on the Lois Lerner email situation. The full letter sent to the chairman and ranking member of the Committee on Finance who requested documents and emails from the IRS concerning the application process for tax exempt organizations is now available. PLEASE read this post and share it with everyone…

The “IRS lost Lois Lerner’s emails” story

By Steve McGough | June 16, 2014 |

The “Friday-at-5” IRS letter released by the House Ways and Means Committee indicated many of Lois Lerner’s emails between Jan. 2009 and April 2011 were lost due to a computer glitch. Of course, the lost emails were the ones sent and received from the White House, DOJ, FEC and many Democrats. Isn’t that convenient…

Hartford transparency: We’re telling you we’re going to build a baseball stadium

By Steve McGough | June 10, 2014 |

It’s amusing. In some warped, political way of thinking, being “fully transparent” and “involving the community” concerning bringing the New Britain Rock Cats to Hartford equals telling the community opening day at the new stadium will be April 7, 2016.