Gov. Schwarzenegger tells Greta, the tea party will be gone in a twinkle

All it takes is a job, and all you outraged tea party people will just … “puff” … disappear in a twinkle. Spoken like a Republican who, like many of his fellow politicians, just doesn’t get it.

The Tea Party movement isn’t just angry about the loss of the jobs, but at the government response to the job loss. Using it as an opportunity to spend our children into debt and doomed to ever higher taxes to pay off that debt, in order to further the liberal (or is it progressive) agenda. Never let a crisis go to waste.

And the movement is about an ever bigger, more intrusive government into every aspect of our lives, and an over indulged political elite class trying to placate the masses with bloated government social welfare projects.

But no, Ahhhnold thinks if all the politicians just clap their hands real fast, Twink will make them all disappear. Puff! Spoken like a man who makes way too much money.


Clearly, it is not the role or purpose of a grass roots movement to propose detailed solutions to complex problems that you and your ilk created. This sounds a bit like blame the victim. Although we have proposed solutions to both health care and our growing debt. You and others have simply chosen not to listen.

Nor is it our role to offer candidates. We are not about a third party, but we are about holding you accountable. And we will.

And that’s not all he said. He told you unemployed people to be patient. Like a sick person, it an takes years for the medicine to take affect. Oh yeah. Be patient.

AP at Hot Air has a take on this too. Make sure you read it.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    A "twink" is yet another gay slang word leveled at the tea party. We are not just  people who can be deaf eared because we are angry and  out of work . We have been calling our representives for 20+ years to voice our demands. Government policy of cannibal economics is  putting us out of work and out of our homes . A lot of the anger is due to the fact we  knew this taxed to bankruptcy economy would happen. We told you this would happen with every bill from Nafta to tarp. We know it will only get worse, but  the immoral  criminal    politicians  just  hang up the phone and vote for croney fascism day in day out . Ahnuld singing Edelweiss is not going to make it all better.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Arnold is a perfect example of what happens to a steroid soaked brain.  He will be gone long before anyone worries about the Tea Party.


    Maybe he should just wear ruby slippers to work.  To go with the blinders.

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