Google fu – Islam search type-ahead feature censored

Google seems to be messing with the way their type-ahead pre-fill service works on their Web site’s search engine. Typing ‘Christianity is’ (no quotes) into the search engine yields interesting suggested searches but the experience is quite different when typing ‘Islam is’.

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs, but I just had to try this for myself.

Head over to and start typing the following phrases. If you have a modern-day browser like Firefox 3, Google’s search engine has a type-ahead feature that provides suggestions for you.

  • Christianity is
  • Judaism is
  • Buddhism is
  • Catholicism is

And then type in Islam is.

Are we wearing tin foil hats? I’m just throwing it out there hoping some search engine guru will tell me why Google’s algorithm treats the phrase different than the others.

Update: Ed Morrissey picked up on this today (Jan. 12) and I noted Fox News had a segment this past weekend. Head over to Hot Air to see the video. Still wondering if someone with search engine and type-ahead knowledge could explain why this would happen.

Screen shots below, click on them if they are too small for ya.

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Steve McGough

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  1. Fangbeer on January 6, 2010 at 4:23 am


    "Allah is"

    "The quran is"


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