“Give Our Generals What They Need”- Sign the petition

Vets for Freedom Connecticut representative Melissa Weaver (SGT, CTANG, OIF 2003-2004) has sent me an e-mail requesting our help. A sometimes co-host and a brave woman and soldier … I assured her we would not hesitate. We have never wavered in our support for our soldiers … and right now our soldiers in Afghanistan need our help.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) The Vets for Freedom, which led the charge for the surge in Iraq, will launch a petition drive urging the President to give the Generals the additional troops they have requested for Afghanistan.

The goal of the effort is to urge President Obama to listen to the commanders on the ground in Afghanistan and give them the resources they need to succeed.  I think this quote from Senators McCain, Graham, and Lieberman sums up the stakes, “More troops will not guarantee success in Afghanistan, but a failure to send them is a guarantee of failure.”  We need to do everything we can to set the warfighters up for success.

In the past, President Obama has stated there will be no more soldiers than the additions he already approved, but the WSJ will report tomorrow … that could change:

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said recently that the request for reinforcements will be subject to “many weeks of evaluation and assessment” and won’t simply be rubber-stamped. Still, the commander appears increasingly likely to get presidential approval for all or most of the troops he wants.

Go to the site and sign the petition today. Please.

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