Giuliani to Obama: Incompetent and irresponsible

That just about sums it up. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells Neil Cavuto that moving KSM and his other 9-11 buddies to New York for trial is an unnecessary risk and for that reason he does not hold back.

Please make special note of Rudy’s facial expression at the beginning of the interview.


So many great clips to choose from here, and the interview makes for a great companion piece with the SOS post on the subject. But here’s one more for you. Rudy, let’s Holder off the hook a bit and puts the blame squarely on Obama, his ideology, and how all of it puts the nation at risk


Remember what you see here, and read in the SOS post, you are hearing from former government prosecutors. They’ve been there and done that. They are outraged and my guess is they are not the only ones.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    I am glad to see an increase in tough  rhetoric coming from the  party of Mr. Nice guy , but they are still far from expressing appropriate levels of contempt  . We now have HIGH TREASON taking place  at the highest levels of government. The american people are being failed by our CIA and FBI . These agencies areprotecting the good image of our government rather than prosecuting the grave depravity of political corruption. Muslim money  has purchased the freedom of islamic terrorists. First it was Lybian bomber Al Magrahi released on a cancer hoax. …. .…  Now it is Shiek Khalid Mohammed who is on the road to freedom all thanks to a $100,000 gold chain placed around  President Obama's neck by the Saudi King. By the time this trial is over, the Shiek will walk free,  Bush will be proven  guilty of torture, war crimes, and 911 proven to be nothing but a jewish neocon conspiracy set up to justify the illegal invasion of muslim lands.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Maybe Obama should fly black helicopters and 747s at low altitude over NYC, unannounced of course, while the trial is going on.   Just because.


    A 9/10 mentality coupled with extreme hubris and affirmative action incompetence.  Great.

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