Game On: Palin renews the battle of the sexes

Three Four video clips to peruse for you this morning. The Sunday talk shows were abuzz with Palin talk on the eve (no pun intended) of the release of the former Alaskan Governor’s new book, “Going Rogue”. Normally I would not post on this. BUT, what I found interesting is how the battle lines were drawn. The men, even the sol called conservatives dismissed Palin as a non factor in 2012 … and that my friends kinda ticked off the women … even the liberal women.

First the sound bite heard round the world, from David Brooks.


Now watch the women of CNN and ABC jump to her defense. Jessica Yellin first … she’s a sexpot!


Next up, Gwen Ifle: Palin stirs the hearts of the people who are not heard. David Corn’s response: She’s a threat to Republicans, then listen for Ifle’s response to that.


Finally, there’s Donna Brazile on CNN: I will buy her book, and if she is encouraging women to get into politics, I will support that.


Interestingly, the more the men scoffed, the more the women defended. Game on!

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I watched Bob Schieffer slam it this morning on CBS's morning show.   Too bad he never acknowledged that he had actually read the book, in part or in whole.   Biased punch lines like "couldn't handle being governor of Alaska" and "details about people nobody knows" etc.   He even presumed that she would not even run, or if she did, she would fade quickly.


    Of course, he was obligated to say that she would sell a lot of books, unlike Pelosi et al….  Funny how that happens to "unpopular" people.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Can anyone explain to me why the Democrats are so concerned about "threats to the Republican party"?  Isn't that exactly what they want?  It seems that they work awfully hard to "save" us from the threat of truly conservative candidates.


    Maybe they recognize the popularity of conservatism in a way that the old guard of the Republican party do not.

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