Game on. Obama pushes health care plan, tells audience to “Brush your teeth.”

Here we go again … but then did you expect anything else? Nanny and the Professor are determined to push their health care plan through, and guide every part of our lives. True!

President Obama, in Vegas today, to hand out a billion dollars plus to help Harry Reid get elected, spent most of his speech touting his health care plan.

At the end of the”Republicans would eat your children if you let them” speech they opened the floor to questions, and one of the very first came from a man who asked … as long as we are doing health care, and I’m not paying, can we have dental too? I’m not kidding. But Obama’s answer was priceless. Viewers note … the man who told the world you can’t go to Vegas, sure makes a big deal about going to Vegas right out of the gate.


Unfortunately the man let it slip at the end that he’s in the dental care field, so what this boils down to is another what’s in it for me. If you are wondering why no matter what bill the President offers, it will surely be more expansive and cost more than anything a Democrat will tell you, this guy is the poster child.

I never thought I would call Mary Katherine Ham a prophet, but well, that’s what makes her humor so … funny. It’s so true.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    To Obama and the lefty spenders, we can afford everything.  And like SCHIP, they start with providing dental health care to "the children", and then mission creep includes everyone.


    As an aside, Obama's lame, halfhearted attempt to suck up to Las Vegas after his previous two "faux pas" completely lacked the sincerity with which he criticized anyone going there and spending money.

  2. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    If the Feds want to play nurse maid and babysitter to the citizens, they better get out of the way, because we need leaders who empower their people to take care of themselves.  The framers of the Constitution clearly had in mind greater things for our nations leaders and people to accomplish.  They also made it clear that the Constitution supports each member of American society who seeks their own success and that of their nation.  It is about raising standards and not lowering them.

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