Game on! Bush torture memo prosecutions NOT off the table UPDATE: Thompson Speaks

UPDATE: Fred Thompson weighs in on the whole matter here. (via instapundit)

Ok … game on. The president today opened the door to prosecuting Bush administration officials who helped formulate and allow enhanced interrogation techniques at Gitmo (specifically waterboarding). And this afternoon Gibbs did not rule out including the President. Yikes.


As to what changed? Gibbs did not do a very good job of answering the question, which is not unusual. Poor guy. Stuck between Barack and a hard place, that being Rahm Emanuel. This runs about 5 … but only for dramatic purposes … he says it all in the first minute.


and here’s the bite from Rahm Emanuel, about 48 hours earlier. As the President made clear … he will not be prosecuting Bush Administration officials who formulated policy.


What pushed Obama over the edge … maybe it was Dick Chaney himself who challenged Obama to release the results of the interrogation techniques.


For more on this, Hot Air has a great summary of the change in policy. Or lack of change, depending on whether you decide to listen to anything anyone in the Obama Administration says.

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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Let's see,  is this modus operandi or cronyism?  Doesn't really matter who is speaking, they are trying to say what the left expects them to say … eventually.  Um, what does the media really want to hear?  We are going after Bush & Cheney.  I wonder how long it will take for those words to be uttered?  With enough pressure Obama and his cronies will bend to the winds of the media and their party …. oh, but it isn't the President who decides those things.  Are you kidding me?  

  2. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Don't be ridiculous. The former president and all of his administration will not be prosecuted in any way for any crimes that they have committed. You can just dismiss that out of hand.  This is just crazy talk that will be conveniently used as a distraction when they don't want you to see something else.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I think it is all a big Shamwow designed to obscure the goings on in the economic sideshow.   Take the attention off of the nationalization and brobdingnagian deficit our naive president is rapidly building for us.

    Seriously, if they set a precedent like this, they better damn well make sure that the Republicans, as gutless as they are, never grab the reins of government again.  Just think of a new Republican majority prosecuting Dodd and Frank for their ineptitude, or going after the Cong. Black Caucus for meeting with Castro, or Pelosi meeting and negotiating with the Syrians, or anything Carter did.   The possibilities are endless.

    Do they really want to open that can of worms?

  4. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Between the bank bailouts, auto company bailouts, executive management decision making, bonus taxation, the lies of 95% of Americans getting a tax reductions, tax cheating by the executors of our tax policy (and the list goes on), I have seen our government do things I never could have predicted.  I would never say never Erik.  I have lost all faith in my understanding of what our government can and can't do. 

  5. Steve in Norfolk
    Steve in Norfolk says:

    Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Holder etc. etc. should be prosecuted for high crimes, treason  and for giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

    Among other anti American stances, period.

  6. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Let's see: each household is currently on the hook for about $55K in the new Obamanation.

    Yep, better drag out the old reliable Bush Boogeyman!!

  7. Terry Smyth
    Terry Smyth says:

    Hi Jim

    As a former Navy S.E.R.E. instructor (1975-1977)  It was our responsibility to prepare Naval and Marine aviators to resist interogation teniques that they were sure to encounter if caputured. These resistance techniques were developed by our returning Vietnam prisoners. One of those  interogation  techinques was "waterboarding".

    Under the supervision of a Doctor, a trained instructors (who had been wate boarded themselves)  were authorized by the training command to waterboard students . Not all students were waterboarded but it was used to demonstrate to the students that everyone has a point where they can no longer resist and that there is no shame in it.   These avaiators were not damaged for life and many of these young aviators are our top military commanders today

  8. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    It is interesting how Gibbs is using his role as Press Secratary to Audition for the Leno position next year.  All he needs is cue cards.

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