From The Office of the President Elect – Update Video Added

Man I love that … I still have never heard of it before but … I love it. Making government bigger even before you make government bigger.

Dan Spencer at Red State takes a look at the OPE’s latest declaration that it intends to create 2 million new jobs by 2011. Underwhelming and I would have to degree in principle, … ok let’s try that again, agree in principle (this is what happens when you are rushing out the door) but when the economy is headed in the opposite direction mediocrity is looking pretty good these days … First here’s the Obama address … I have included George Stephanopoulos just to show you how excited he is … to introduce the Office of the President Elect.

At the historic average rate of 2.1 percent the economy should produce 2,433,207 “more jobs” each year – just about equal to the president-elect’s uninspiring two-year goal. Obama’s goal ought to be at least five million jobs. He should strive to at least reach the historic average.

There’s more … read it all. Lowering expectations … doesn’t sound so Messiah like these days does he?

Plus is spending on roads and bridges the kind of thing that could even stimulate the economy. I remember Megan McArdle writing about this back in July … here’s what she said then:

However, as the daughter of a transportation guy, I regret to report that the idea of using infrastructure spending as a stimulus is a complete fantasy.  This is not your grandfather’s stimulus spending.  FDR could spend whacking great sums on dams and roads and rural electrification, and hope to have an immediate effect, because FDR was working on a multi-year depression, and in the pre-1960s regulatory environment.

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  1. Tom the Gay Republca
    Tom the Gay Republca says:

    The smile on George Stephanopoulos face was like looking at kid who was entering a candy shop.

    These reporters are in their GLORY over the BHO, and yet I still from BHO to be a man of little substance, a lot of talk and anyone can do that…just take a look at Barney Frank…oh thats right he has a dissability, no teeth I really shouldn't pick on him….

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