Frazier to Wall Street: Take The Money and Run

I have already stated I think this market melt down has many fathers, some technical and some fundamental (translation: some sales based on market reaction and some based on economic reality), and political. You would be a foolish investor to ignore Wall Street under Obama. Higher taxes. Take your gains now … sort out Obama world later. Which is what Kelsey Grammar did, by the way known for being a very savvy and successful investor.

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  1. Erik
    Erik says:

    This is total BS I don't buy it. If you think your investment is strong you have conviction in it and you stick with your plan. When you are proven wrong or you are stopped out then you bail. Do NOT take investment advice from Frazier. This is horrible thinking. If a bill is introduced to increase cap gains tax then you may see an exodus, but this is total hog wash attempt to blame the lack of confidence in financial markets on Obama. Institutional investors move markets not Kelsey Grammer.

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