Fox Opinion Poll: Halo Slipping?

Latest Fox Opinion poll is out and while I hate polls … this is worth at least a mention.

First the country is split 50/50 on the stimulus package and whether it will work … but the vast majority are convinced it won’t help them personally. There’s a shock. It’s not meant to help most people. Here are the results on that.

For those supporting the stimulus bill, the top reason is because it was seen as the best option and we “have to do something” (37 percent). Other main reasons include the spending included in the bill (17 percent), belief in Barack Obama and the Democrats (14 percent), and simple belief the plan will work (11 percent).

Too much pork — that’s what opponents say is the primary reason they dislike the plan. A third of opponents (32 percent) say pork is the problem.

We had to do something? That’s reason to support a plan you basically disagree with? Oh well.

Popularity still strong from slipping … but almost all from the Republicans who had hoped he meant change … real change … real bipartisan change. Poll results on the Fox site now  … but here’s their pollster to wet your apptite.


Poll analyst attributes it to the public dissatisfaction with the stimulus … and Obama’s partisan tone? Yikes. Maybe comments like this didn’t help.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    That approval % is merely represented by the mutiple votes contributed by policies of  ACORN.  Those numbers will certainly rise once the $4 Billion from the stimulus package is used to buy more approval votes.

    If 50,000 people say something stupid, and agree, it is still stupid.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I was talking to a realtor today, and she said it is going to do squat for her.  "A real disappointment" she said.

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