Fox News slams Democrats on FM/FM – two days in a row

On Tuesday, I provided links to Jim Angle’s report with solid information and reporting on the Democrat congressional involvement – almost exclusively – on creating the current financial issues.

Last night, Bret Baier from Fox News took stock of specific non-action by the Senate Banking Committee. Quite a few “see, I told you so” moments. Barney Frank is an idiot. Will he claim that he was deceived by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when someone finally asks him about his statements?

Plenty of bloggers on the case.

Vicevich has clipped video from Fox News reports. Barney Frank is an idiot. (Did I write that already?)

As Pat Buchanan said earlier today … this is the Federal Government riding to the rescue to save us from a catastrophe they created.

Hot Air has video and analysis.

This makes two segments in as many nights on Hume’s show on the roots of the crisis, and as with the first, there’s little you don’t already know. Even so, the archival footage of one of the Democrats’ nastiest demagogues reassuring America that everything’s peachy keen with the subprime mortgage industry is worth its weight in gold, especially after he thoughtfully paused this morning to snark on McCain for trying to help clean up the mess he himself did so much to make.

From commenter Shill at Ace. I completely agree. This story should be shoved down their throat, over and over again by conservatives.

Ace, you should post this one every day for a week, in my opinion. It’s important. Mccain could throw a “I approved this message” and run it every day for a month in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Malkin has numerous posts starting here. Just spend some time over there and check out the related posts. She’s taking the lead in the conservative blog world on this subject. Lots of good information.

Here’s the video from Bret’s report last night on Fox News Channel, courtesy Jim Vicevich at

This is two days in a row that you are getting good information about this subject. You should be well informed. Don’t let liberals blame these problems on Republicans in congress.

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  1. richard Lambert on September 27, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Wow!  Stop the presses!  Fox news slams the Deomcrats.  This is real unusual……………..

  2. Steve M on September 27, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    @richard: Couldn't make it past the lead? Guess you missed the entire – factual – story lines.

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