First Obama Phones, now ObamaCare phones!

Will this, can this, ever end? Yeah, yeah, the phone program has been in place long before the Obama administration and I thought it was stupid then too. Now we have Obamacare representatives giving away phones included with their health insurance benefits.

From the Nashville Business Journal.

Community Health Alliance, Tennessee’s health insurance co-op, is running a unique promotional program to drive enrollment in its plans for sale on the exchange: health insurance in exchange for a smartphone.

As part of its Community Health Connection Program, CHA is offering qualified individuals an LG Lucid 2 4G smart phone (or equivalent model), a phone plan and tech support, included as a cost of their health plan benefits. The phone plan includes unlimited talk, unlimited texting and 1.2GB of data.

They are spinning this like it’s a great way for health care providers and patients to stay in touch. Of course, they will ensure the phone you get for free has the contact information for your health care representative – so you can call them day-or-night for help – plus apps to help keep you healthy.

We continue to drive dependency.

To stay in the program, CHA Community Health Connection members must create a member profile on the CHA website and schedule and visit their primary care physician within 180 days of coverage start date.

So just keep going to see your doctor and drive costs up for no reason what-so-ever and we’ll provide you with a free phone! My guess is, this will soon not be enough, and dependents would be required to submit – via convenient phone app – exactly how much and what food you eat every day, plus they may require you to exercise and send that in too.


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  1. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    goodie goodie more free stuff,hey lets elect Obama for a 3rd term. It is possible for all of us to get a new free car American or foreign to elect him for a 4th term.

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