Finally … the mortgage papers

No … not from Dodd. From the guy who just may beat him in 2010.From WFSB’s Face The State: This is really for supporters of Senator Chris Dodd … see how easy it is. Rob Simmons hands his mortgage papers to Dennis House, House then takes them and the conversation continues.

Oh and make sure you listen to the end. Simmons says the Senate seat, despite what Dodd might think, actually isn’t his, but belongs to the people of Connecticut.


Imagine that.

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  1. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    Rob Simmons is an honorable man who served his country well for years, including the    2nd District. He actually knows where the district is and was willing to mingle with the great unwashed masses.

    The games that the Dem majority played by denying America needed submarines until the seat was held by a democrat is shameful. To anyone that doubts that the democrat majority held back on needed submarines needs to explain why such a large contract was suddenly awarded after Simmons was narrowly defeated.

    The only other explaination for awarding the large EB contract after Simmons was ousted would be that the contract is a political payoff to the CT voters for "getting their minds right". And we all know that democrats would never stoop to bribery and politcal payoffs to selfishly advance thier party, don't we? I mean, who believes Pelosi would waste billions of our hard earned tax dollars on useless and wasteful spending just to secure a house seat?

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