Feingold considers defunding Obama’s war

I think we’ve seen the Democrats walk down this road before, unsuccessfully. It’s just a little ear popping to hear it from a Democrat about a Democrat’s war policy.

Three things to note as you listen to this. First, Senator Feingold says he has support but never mentions any names. So expect he means the usual anti-war lefties. Second, he says he expects support from Republicans by summer. Well unless Afghanistan becomes a debacle, my guess is no.

Finally, the real laugher here is the liberal Senator talking about deficits and how there is no money left for the war. This from a Senator who voted yes on the Porkapalooza, and the $2 trillion dollar health care boondoggle.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    After McCain-Feingold, anything this guy says should be assumed to be a feel good approach and having nothing to do with reality.

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