Fair and Balanced: Krauthammer and O’Reilly on the Obama speech-“kicking and screaming”

Some fair and balanced video after giving so much space to MSNBC. Here were the best takes from Fox, which did not spend much time on analysis except in regular programming. Still I was kinda stunned by O’Reilly’s frankness and surprised by Krauthammer’s gentleness.

Both worth watching. As Krauthammer said, Obama will drag us kicking and screaming in a green economy, like it or not.

First up Krauthammer. I thought he was very gentle with the President although the message was clear. No leadership.


Next, Bill O’Reilly. If you lose Bill, have you lost the nation? Again, the theme the same. No leadership.


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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Jim, this guy (can't call obama a man) is just so ineffective and weak…his speeches are horrible, he has no leadership skills and he's going to bring us to new energy sources?  Gimme a break…please…just cannot take it anymore.

    If I need a drink, guarandamteed you MUST need one…lol

    Be well, hun!


  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Don't forget the oil shale!  Someone should tell Øbambi that it is demonstrably easier to squeeze oil from a stone than blood.

  3. Wind
    Wind says:

    Watching Krauthammer expound his accurate wisdom with clarity and clairvoyance  is always a joy. What I found most incredible last night, ( not watching but seeing later), was Matthews and Olbermann's take on the speech. You would have thought that Hell had frozen over. I had to check my pulse to make sure I wasn't in another dimension.  They ragged on Obama endlessly and I surmised that Soros must have held their checks back this week. Lol

  4. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    The President and DC cannot or will not do what needs to be done – with the exception of one Coast Guard Admiral (with one arm tied behind his back – no doubt).   

    And the press cannot or will not persue the journalistic truth. 

    This whole thing is VERY wrong.  

    Is the Washington establishment saying "no confidence"?   Or, are they running for their real lives knowing there are food shortages are now inevitable?  

    Either one has tremendous consequences, God forbid both. 

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