EP. 9 – Don Pesci – Looney: Public hearing on Connecticut tolls might not be needed?

Almost one year ago, the public hearing concerning Gov. Ned Lamont’s (D) toll proposal drew hundreds of people opposed to additional taxes in Connecticut. Funds supposedly dedicated to road infrastructure programs – including Connecticut’s extraordinary gas tax – don’t seem to make it to the road surfaces. Assuming tolls will do any good is wishful thinking, and it’s just another Connecticut tax to drive residents out and increase the cost of doing business in Connecticut.

After last year’s public hearing, Sen. Martin Looney (D-New Haven) might be planning to avoid a public hearing on the new toll proposal.
Don Pesci is today’s podcast guest, and his most recent article on the Connecticut toll proposal is now online here.

Jane brings us another example of creeping socialism. Connecticut Democrats are proposing a new state police department to combat hate crimes and violent right-wing extremism.

(No word on combating the left-wing extremism resulting in the attempted assassination of a Republican congressman. The Bernie Sanders local leaders who suggest gulags for conservatives also seem to be safe.)


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