Ensign to Matthews: We put our Navy SEALs through worse

Any investigation into the Bush Administration authorization of enhanced interrogation will center on the definition of torture. The left will try to define torture as anything above a coercive conversation and in so doing will be able to position Bush officials as law breakers or “war criminals”.

The jumping off point will be a Carl Levin report detailing the techniques used by intelligence officers. But as Senator John Ensign pointed last night on Hardball, while waterboarding may be off the table now, what CIA officers did at GITMO, can hardly be considered torture when put in context.

The smack down in this video clip comes early here, when Ensign takes the Levin report apart. Inflammatory!


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    If the Navy SEALS were routinely subjected to Matthews' show and the host's chronic leg tingles at the thought of Obama even looking his way, could it be considered torture?

    I think so.

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