Eggs and Spam

Spam sales are up … yeah! We had Spam at the house just the other night. It tastes good … and good for you too. OK … maybe not … but it tastes good. Fox News just covered this … so why not?

First the news:

AUSTIN, Minn., Nov. 16 (UPI) — One factory in the United States has been busy for months as the rest of the economy slows down — the Hormel Foods (NYSE:HRL) plant that makes Spam. The factory in Austin, Minn., has been operating two shifts a day seven days a week producing the canned lunch meat, The New York Times (NYSE:NYT) reported. Workers, with all the overtime they can handle, have been told the long hours are likely to continue indefinitely.

Now the fun. My guess … Martha has never had Spam. “Smells like cat food … but tasty stuff.”

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  1. Tom the Gay Republca
    Tom the Gay Republca says:

    Love Weird Al Yankovics song on SPAM
    its a spoof on REMs song STAND

    Spam in the place where I live (ham and pork)
    Think about nutrition, wonder what’s inside it now (oh boy)
    Spam in my luchbox at work (it’s the best)
    Really makes a darn good sandwhich any way you slice it at all

    If you’re running low, go to the store
    Carry some money to help you buy more
    The tab is there to open the can
    The can is there to hold in the spam

    Oh, spam on the table at home (ham and pork)
    Think about selection, are there different flavors now (let’s eat)
    Spam in my office at work (it’s the best)
    Think about the stuff its made from, wonder if it’s mystery of meat

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