Economic stimulus – $50k for tennis courts in Montana

Another symptom of the disease. The Montana Reinvestment Act – funded directly by federal stimulus dollars – has provided almost $50,000 towards a project in Bozeman, Mont. to install new tennis courts in a city park.

Nothing new I know, just another completely unconstitutional project funding by the federal government.

Federal cash is supposed to be used to fund general welfare projects. Up until the FDR New Deal era, these general welfare projects needed to support everyone. As an example, a lighthouse at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay may be a local project, but it was in support of the general (national) welfare since shipping vessels with cargo destined for Baltimore would be distributed throughout the United States.

I’ve written about the Spending Clause before and encourage you to send that story to your friends and family. I’d love to see more comments on that post!

Back to the tennis courts, which will probably provide no more than 400 man hours of work over a two week period for the team building the courts. From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

The Bozeman City Commission authorized spending $49,140 in federal stimulus money on Monday to install new tennis courts at Bogert Park.

The new courts are likely to be ready in June, Parks and Cemetery Department Superintendent Thom White said.

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