Eagleburger on Obama foreign policy: Amateur hour

Tell me something I have not already heard from a number of former State and Defense people already. What makes this sooooo juicy is not how he defines Obama foreign policy but how this former “HW” Secretary of State defends the current Secretary of State. “Frankly I don’t know how she’s lasted.”

The conversation starts with Eagleburger’s analysis of the Honduras situation, which he correctly describes as the  democratically elected government trying to preserve democracy for Hondurans … and remove a President who was hoping to be Latin America’s next in a long line of dictators. Click here for background.

But the brush fire starts when Gretta asks Eagleburger how Obama could possibly support deposed President Zelaya, the man who would be “President for Life”. Caliente!


Meanwhile, the woman who Eagleburger praises is urging calm in Honduras … even as Zalaya snuck back into the country. Trouble brewing?

“It’s imperative that dialogue begin … (that) there be a channel of communication between President Zelaya and the de facto regime in Honduras,” Clinton said after she meet Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who sought to broker a resolution to the crisis that followed Zelaya’s June 28 ouster.

“It’s also imperative that the return of President Zelaya does not lead to any conflict or violence but instead that everyone act in a peaceful way to try to find some common ground,” she told reporters.

So if Eagleburger is right, that Clinton recognizes backing Zelaya is tantamount to backing a budding dictatorship and another close ally of Chavez and the Castro brothers … what’s her end game here?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Ameteur hour is right.  Obamateur hour.   And, apparently, Clinton is no better if she goes along with this.  That or her position is more important to her than the results of her errant actions.


    The Obamaroids should follow the practice of the physicians they are trying to put out of business: do no harm.  If they don't know what they are doing, and they clearly don't, they should not do anything until they do have a clue.

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