Dumbocrats already looking for a new Connecticut Senate candidate?

The Connecticut Dumbocrats reportedly are not taking any chances and are already lining up a replacement for CT AG Richard Blumenthal. And why not? It’s what they do best. Let’s see. Their first choice couldn’t remember the truth … and their second choice stretched the truth. Now, reportedly,  their third choice is the very man who told all of us we could keep our insurance and our doctor if we passed the Health Care Bill … ummm … also untrue.

Here’s the scorecard on the Dumbocrats … or maybe we should call them. Pinnochiocrats.

  • First there was Dodd and his most amazing adventure with the stimulus bill. Remember when he told us he had no idea how the AIG bonuses got into the Stimulus Bill?
  • The, of course, we have Dick Blumenthal, the Vietnam war veteran. Oh wait. He’s not. What makes this so incredibly shameful of course is not that he becomes just one more Viet Nam pretender but that it comes two days before the return of the CTANG 192nd Military Police  battalions return after a real year in Iraq.
  • Now the latest has Chris Murphy stepping into Blumenthal’s shows as the Dumbo’s third choice. This would be the same Chris Murphy that told us on our radio show last year that if you liked your Doc and Insurance company, why, you could keep them, a lie that not only we blew up, but so did President Obama in February.

Yet despite this, pollsters say the Dumbocreats should still win the seat. This of course speaks volumes about Connecticut voters. Anyone but a Republican. Take heart GOP. Sooner or later they have to run out of Dumbocrats.

In early January we polled Congressman Chris Murphy against Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon and he led each of them by seven points. Almost half of the voters in the state said they had no opinion of Murphy personally so he functioned basically as a generic Democratic candidate. If the nominee ends up being someone of comparable quality- or Murphy himself- the party will continue to be favored in the race although certainly not by the stratospheric kind of numbers that Blumenthal was.


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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    The question is will the Democratic party jettison this liar, or will it attempt to keep him?

    Suppose he survives this and gets elected. How will he be received by the other Senators?

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    We don't need someone who thinks Dodd did nothing wrong with his sweetheart loans and we definitely don't need someone who thinks he should follow Kerry's example – lying about his military service.

    We also don't need another RINO representing Connecticut as Rell has done as Governor.

    Rob Simmons voted 58% with Pelosi, co-sponsored 192 bills with Pelosi, co-sponsored "Card Check" and "Cap and Trade" while in congress. 

    We need someone who really is looking out for Connecticut residents. 

    It isn't Blumenthal and it definitely isn't Rob Simmons who is a Democrat in a Republican raincoat.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Methinks Dick is done.  Well done.  This is the kind of thing that eats politicians alive: not that they lie, but that they do it so egregiously, that even the NYTimes has to report it!  Of course, they did it quickly, so Tricky Dick could manage the trainwreck.  If it were Bush, they would hold it until the night before the election, so no damage control could be accomplished.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Is it poetic justice when the Democrats, realistically believing that Dodd was going to crash and burn, bumped him out, and then get Tricky Dick to replace him?  LOLOL!


    This is quite reminiscent of the manipulations the Democrats in MA pulled to try and get Martha, I mean "Marcia", Coakley into office to replace Chappaquiddick Ted and keep a filibuster proof majority in the Senate.   KABOOOM!


    The rules only apply to Republicans, doncha know?

  5. Mike E
    Mike E says:

    Haven't you figured out that it doesn't matter? The apathetic fools in this state and country will continue to send the same crooks or their ilk back time after time. They will steal us blind and not do what is best for us but what is best for them. Plain and simple (Healthcare)!

     I used to care and get upset then I figured out it is too late anyway. We are a country of fat lazy pigs so wrapped up in our own pathetic daily existence that we will never recover. Between the PC society that has been created, the fact that you will be sued at the drop of a hat for anything and our broken beyond repair educational system we are through

     Get ready, Newt or Palin 2012 what a joke.  America is in its twilight and we aren't coming back.



  6. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    How can individuals in politics think we are that stupid? They get caught in lies and want to sluff it off with "I can’t remember" or some other kind of weak excuse.  To me, it is an insult to try to make us think they are smart enough to be our elected official, and conveniently become dumb when it is time to be accountable for the facts. Anybody who has raised children through teenage years is very familiar with this kind of logic. (Come on dad, you can trust me with the car, you don't have to call my friends parents).

  7. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    Say Good night Dick!

    What is the difference between Dick B and a hunk of swiss cheese?  The cheese cannot run for office.   Jim handled the situation with his usual class.  Not so Howie Carr and Rush.  They had a field day with him.  If I was a Ct. voter, I would be embarassed.  Wait a minute, I am represented by Richie Neal and John Forbes Kerry!  Whoops!

  8. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Dumbocrats? Sure-the Democrats aren't the ones backing a candidate who's background is a business that degrades women.

    How about collecting millions while her employees died from drug use (conveniently stopping drug testing for 10 years), never even voted until recently….Your candidate would never even be able to run for dog catcher if she did not have millions.

    Nice person to send to DC from CT. And you say "Dumbocrats"?

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