Don’t even think of takin my Big Mac

I am posting this as this morning’s funny … but also because I think Shep Smith does the best job I have seen in a while of expressing the libertarian that I think lives deep within all of us.Shep is interviewing Troy Green, a AAA spokesperson on a proposed law to ban texting while driving in light of the “T” crash in Boston, which is being attributed to an engineer texting while driving the train.

A subway collision in downtown Boston on Friday injured 49 people, including the operator of one of the trains who later admitted he was texting his girlfriend when the crash occurred.

The disaster has re-ignited the debate on texting while driving or operating other vehicles. A stream of bloggers joined the discussion, some urging more states to pass laws specifically focused on outlawing texting while driving. Ten states already have such laws.

You can read about it here and here.

What’s more important is Shep’s argument against the “Texting” law. “Common Sense”. Watch the whole thing … it’s a gas!


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