Diane Sawyer reminds Democrats a few busloads of voters could change this election

Hey, why is it the Democrats always need a bus … to get to a rally, to walk a picket line, to … vote?

The conversation took place on the ABC News with Diane Sawyer last night. George Stephanopoulos, unofficial adviser to the President, details how the enthusiasm among likely voters is all Republican. But their poll also shows most voters still prefer Democrats. My goodness. When Diane hears this, her whole outlook perks up. Why, if those SEIU folks could just get together some busses together, why the election could change?


I will have more to say on this later, after Ed comments at HotAir but for now let me just paraphrase what Jim Geraghty said on the show this morning … that would have to be a lot of busses to change this election.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Oh, I am so sorry. No Sleep! I meant illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants would mostly vote RED.

    Did anyone else wonder why Bridgeport and other towns ran out of ballots? I mean Registrars of Voters know how many voters they have? "I see dead people".

  2. steve g
    steve g says:


    A democrat in power in Middlefield (central CT) told me few years ago …  "this country is in for big changes, all democratic… just watch …"

    Scares me.

    BTW- IMUS in the AM yesterday (Nov.3) said in his 6 AM SHOW … " the THUGS in Bridgeport voted up until 10 PM."

    Then he looked into the camera for 1/2 a second, with a piercing look.  That says it all.

    -God Bless the honest people.  Thanks JIM.  Your show is so relevant and helpful.


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