Depression … Specter Caves

You either believe in this kind of spending on every government program conceivable (schools, union roads, blada blada blada, plus pork) or you don’t. You either believe that money is best spent by the people who earn it or not. Specter, Collins, Snowe? What is it exactly that they believe in? What gets me is how the Democrats are calling this bi-partisan.

So 11 Dems join Republicans on the House version and its called voting along party lines, or as the NY Times put it “all but 11 Democrats voted for the House package.” 3 Republicans join the Democrats and its bi-partisan. Don’t go to the bank with these numbers but this is what MSNBC is reporting.

Links: Fox News, National Review, Powerlineblog, Michelle Malkin

Here’s Specter … “The President says gotta do it … so here I am.” Oh brother.


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  1. davis
    davis says:

    Republicans/Conservatives should demand a "no pork" pledge from legislators they support. Unfortunately, they missed that chance when they elected Lieberman ( and thank you Sen. Graham). I also think Republicans/Conservatives should start a "tax disobedience" movement, led by biggies like Limbaugh, Vicevich, Hannity etc. Remember the "civil disobedience" movement with people who got gassed, beaten, jailed, shot at? There is a good example to follow to get tax policies reversed.

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