Defending Socialism

General Powell is now defending Obama’s economic plan and once again branding Republicans as fear mongers for daring to compare Obamonmics to socialism. It is the “taxes are good” speech, but his figures are wrong. Best line: Are you still a Republican? Hesitation.


None of this is true but it sure sounds good. Here’s the breakdown of your tax dollar right now. Schools, roads and bridges are at the bottom.
Click the image for a complete breakdown. 


Of course it’s not pure socialism but it continues down the road at an ever increasing speed. Certainly “spreading the wealth around” is socialism. And that  is what Obamna has said he plans on doing with the extra tax revenue. Tax the rich to give to the poor.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Powell has been bought and sold. I am sorry that I used to think that he was intelligent enough to at least analyze what he was saying before he said it. He might as well have been reading from one of Obama's teleprompters.

    It is not so bad that he might not know the economic/social/political issues, but the military issues, i.e. the opposition to the war, the opposition to the surge, the continued opposition to the surge, the indecisiveness at the time of the Russian incursion into Georgia etc., etc., should have been enough to convince a real soldier that Obama was a pathetic empty suit in that regard.

    I just keep remembering how the Georgians cheered McCain's name….

  2. Erik
    Erik says:

    He has a valid point that we have way too much debt incurred by a socialist/communist republican president. So why wouldn't we assume that the left leaning candidate wouldn't just cruise down the socialist road that Bush paved.


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