December jobs report: 155k added, Unemployment at 7.8%

Not impressive for the holiday season, but we already knew holiday sales during the holiday period was pretty weak, even though we had five extra days between Black Friday and Christmas Eve this year as compared to last. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has the info for you this morning.

If Barack Obama hoped for a boost in jobs numbers from the Christmas season, the BLS left him not much more than a lump of coal and a couple of sticks in his stocking.  Despite an optimistic report from ADP yesterday, the jobs market only added 155,000 jobs in December, barely above population-growth requirements, while the jobless rate rose slightly to 7.8%.

Ed will take the next hour or so to dive into the data, so please head back to Hot Air during a break from listening to the big radio show between 9 a.m. and noon ET today to get an update from Morrissey.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    The problem is the Liberal spinners, ie Bob Beckel have ?already trumpeted this as a positive. ?”President Obama’s ?Economic policies have created ?155k jobs (period)”. If a fact is repeated, without further explanation, it can be spinned anyway you want. ?Obviously the sheep of the MSM just state the partial “truth”. Honestly, if ?Conservatives had the answer to this problem, we would have true truth in the MSM. Conservative ?Blogs tell the full story, but they are “preaching to the choir”. ?

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