Dealergate – alternate media diggs through Chrysler franchise mess

I’m not one for conspiracy theories when it comes to the list of Chrysler dealers who lost their franchise last week, but you’ve got to admit when one of the top 2 percent of dealers in the country is shut-out, questions need to be asked.

The alternate media seems to be on top of this, but remember that all blogs are part opinion, part fact and definitely biased. We’re not impartial journalists, but then again if the major media outlets ignore the story, are they impartial journalists? Probably not…

On May 27, Jim posted about the story and was skeptical, but it won’t go away as more data and facts are providing more questions and fewer answers.

Do consider that small and medium business owners – including car dealerships – are more likely to be registered Republicans in the first place, plus the “donation” totals provided reflect cash from individuals who work for the dealerships – not exclusively from owners.

Also consider that the dealers who must close shop need to ditch their entire inventory and sell to other dealers. This includes all of the parts on hand which they must sell below cost to get rid of it.

Will their be any transparency concerning how dealerships were targeted?

Here are a few links to other sites that have information including Google Maps mash-ups of the data in some cases. Take the information for what it’s worth, but what it comes down to for me is the car guys at Chrysler seem to be completely shut out of the decision making, and politicians or political appointees are making the decisions. Not a good idea.

Jim Hoft (a.k.a. the Gateway Pundit) has quite a bit on the subject, as do others including Malkin and  Doug Ross.

Update: AJStrata at The Strata-Sphere blog also has a good round up posted this morning.

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  1. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Chicago politics = brass aggies.  None more brass than this move – let's see if it is just too blatant.  24×7 news cycles to the rescue?

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