Culture Of Corruption Part Deux

We have listed this before … but I may have missed a few of the new ones. It does seem to grow on a daily basis. Oh and yes … Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide) made the list.

The most recent candidate in the malleable ethics sweepstakes is Ron Sims, chosen Monday to be the deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. As King County (Seattle) executive, Mr. Sims was fined $124,000 for “blatant” violations of Washington state’s public records act for failure to release documents with regard to financing of the stadium where the Seattle Seahawks play. Last month the state supreme court said the fine should be increased.

Congress has turned an indulgent eye to these ethical lapses because there are many in Congress who are guilty of the same, or worse. Charles Rangel, New York Democrat, remains chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee despite his failure to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income, and – according to a report issued Wednesday – repeatedly failing to comply with congressional financial disclosure rules. Sen. Chris Dodd (Democrat, Countrywide Mortgage) remains as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee despite having received a sweetheart loan from one of the worst of the subprime mortgage villains.

Woww … now Jack Kelly is using the (D_Countrywide) thing too!

And once again thanks to INSTAPUNDIT … damn.

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  1. davis
    davis says:

    We the people, keep on voting them in and they keep showing up with hands in the cookie jar! Shame on all of us.

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