Culture of corruption migrates to Hartford

Many already knew that it had arrived years ago. Hartford mayor, Eddie Perez (D) headed over to Troop H in Hartford this morning to turn himself in after a warrant was issued including charges of bribery, fabricating evidence, and conspiring to fabricate evidence. The warrant was issued after a 15 month grand jury investigation.

I’m not familiar with the details, but it looks like Perez and contractor Carlos Costa were caught wheeling and dealing back in 2007 and then conspired to cover it up.

From the Hartford Courant, who failed to let the national audience checking out the story know that Perez is a Democrat.

A grim-faced Mayor Eddie A. Perez turned himself in to state police at the Troop H barracks on Washington Street this morning around 10 a.m. He entered the building with his attorney, Hubert J. Santos, without speaking to the throng of reporters waiting.

A short time later Perez and Santos emerged from the building and heading for Santos’ waiting car. When asked for comment, Perez said “1 o’clock,” referring to a scheduled press conference at city hall.

Perez is charged with bribery, fabricating evidence and conspiracy to fabricate evidence.

State criminal investigators have circled Perez since early 2007, and in October of that year, the state formed an investigatory grand jury to probe allegations of political corruption in the mayor’s administration, including work contractor Carlos Costa did on Perez’s home.

Costa, who has done millions in work for the city on a troubled and long-overdue streetscape project, was arrested Monday and charged with bribery, fabricating evidence and conspiracy to fabricate evidence, according to his lawyer, William Gerace.

According to the chief state’s attorney’s office, Costa agreed to work on Perez’s home because he believed he would have been “black balled” from city if he didn’t.

Gateway Pundit asks if we can use the term culture of corruption yet? I say yes.

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was busted on bribery charges today. He joins three fellow democratic mayors caught in scandal this year. Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted Jan. 9, 2009, by a grand jury on 12 counts, including perjury, theft and misconduct in office. Racine Mayor Gary Becker (2nd from right) was arrested on charges of attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child, child enticement and possession of child pornography. Portland Mayor Sam Adams, the first openly gay mayor from a major American city, admitted last week that he had sexual relations with a teen intern.


Don’t forget all of the problems that the Massachusetts State Legislature has had the last six months. Dianne Wilkerson, Salvatore F. DiMasi, Therese Murray, John H. Rogers, Robert P. Spellane and J. James Marzilli are all either out or under a cloud of suspicion by residents.

Even the previous two Democrat House Leaders, Charles F. Flaherty and Thomas M. Finneran – now a radio show host at WRKO in Boston – resigned in corruption clouds.

Although all of the problems involve Democrats in Massachusetts, and all of the mayors happen to be Democrats, that does not mean there is not serious problems within Republican ranks.

I’m officially calling this the “age of Democrat corruption in the United States”. Didn’t Pelosi promise to clean up this act?

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  1. davis
    davis says:

    Just a thought. Perhaps Conservatives/Libertarians should consider secession or something similar, ala Malcom X. That way you could have the Constitution the way you want it, make government as small as you please, have the kind of taxation system you love, rescind all the Constitutional Amendments you do not like, have the kind of Supreme Court you crave and have freedom, freedom, freedom (just like in the song). Since there are fewer of you than us (non-Conservatives/Libertarians, otherwise you would be running the country/state/municipality) you’ll certainly will be able to provide all you need without depriving yourselves of the things you have to give up to feed our reckless ways. You could leave the East and the Left Coasts to the rest of us and you will live happily ever after. I know there are more things to ferret out. Feel free to add to this at your leisure, this could be fun.

      • Wayne SW
        Wayne SW says:

        There ya go again Davis, displaying your Detroit education prowess and ranting like the recently terminated WTIC late afternoon show host.  Perhaps you are one in the same.  You betcha.


    • Bruce
      Bruce says:

      As a Conservative, who wants to conserve the original purpose of the Constitution and the founding fathers, I have no problem with the Constitution, its amendments or the limits it puts on government.  Apparently Liberals are the ones who want to secede when things don't go their way:

      And Liberals are the ones who are trying to invalidate Constitutional Amendments that they don't agree with:

      (2nd Amendment – one Liberal justice short)
      (1st Amendment – free speech)

      An Liberals/Socialists are the ones who have a problem with the Constitution and want to give the Government enormous power:

      (FDR – Second Bill of Rights)
      (Obama – negative liberties)

      davis – are you sure you were not thinking of Liberals when you posted?  Just checking.

      • Wayne SW
        Wayne SW says:


        Excellent work digging up those links.  Perhaps Davis' mouse and clicker thingy works and his reading glasses are not fogged up and takes time to read.

        Conservatism takes time and effort.

        I hope to see more of your posts in the future.  Thank you.

    • Geno
      Geno says:

      davis – For the most part the constitution is the way we like it.  We'd just like our elected representatives to follow it once in a while.  As a Conservative, I strongly believe in personal responsibility.  I’ll take care of myself and my family.  Unfortunately, Liberal Democrats remain in power because they promise to take care of you.  Sadly, much of the populace prefers to be taken care of. Why should they do anything for themselves when the government will do it for them.  Why get a job when the government gives you a paycheck for not having one.  Why support your children when the government will pay for their food, shelter, education and medical bills (more kids=more money$$$)  Why pay a mortgage on a home you could never afford when the government will force lenders to renegotiate it.  I could go on but in closing – without needy constituents, Liberals are out of a job.

  2. George Dawiczyk
    George Dawiczyk says:

    I find it mind boggling that our public survants can get away with  their ill gotten gains while in office without more  public outcry.  The  satisfaction of  knowing they might recieve one more, a jail cell ,  is very satisfying.

  3. Old Biker
    Old Biker says:

    I'm afraid we've reached the point where corruption and criminal behavior by our alleged "representatives"  has become the accepted norm.  People are asking themselve "Why bother pursuing these investigations, nothing will happen (unless it's a Republican) and tomorrow all will be forgiven."

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