CT Congressman Himes: Sure, I’d vote for another stimulus

There’s a vote grabber. Democrat Jim Himes told Dennis House on Face The State he would vote yet another stimulus if the economy began to falter. Why? Because the last one worked out so well? One more reason not to vote for any Democrat.

Let’s see. The last stimulus spent, with interest, a trillion dollars. We were told we had to spend that money to keep unemployment below 8%, to create and save jobs and to end the recession. Well, it did none of those things as money went to a wide variety of pork filled projects like honey bees and SUVs and tunnels for turtles and battery factories for cars and let’s not forget the millions spent in LA that created just 50 jobs.

Amidst this, Himes thinks another trillion is a good idea? Oh brother.


Clearly, the left doesn’t get it. Spend is their only solution. Our money of course.

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  1. ccdemuth
    ccdemuth says:

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  2. TomL
    TomL says:

    Well that shoots down his political ads about being a fiscal conservative. All this talk about infrastructure work is bull, anybody tried traveling around the state and getting stuck for hours in traffic. You can only have so many projects going at any one time. On I95 there are 5 places they are working on between New Haven and the NY line and they work on it 24 hours a day and they have been working on I95 for 15 years straight in that 15yrs some spots have been under constuction multiple times.

  3. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Let us also make note that the stimulus money was not fully spent. Much of it went to the unions, much of it was saved for future campaigning. So to say the last one went well, is an understatement, what does he mean, Obama needs more money to help boost himself for an every failing Presidency ?

  4. TomL
    TomL says:

    I see the fiscally conservative Democrat Jim Himes voted to have the House adjourn (vote was 210 yea-209 nay with the Botox Queen casting a tie breaker vote) so it looks like there will be no vote on extending the Bush tax cuts before the election. 39 democrats broke ranks and voted to stay in session and all are in districts where they are battling to save their butts. Do they really think we're that stupid.  It's time to send them to the unemployment line.

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