Coward- Update- Congressman Cummings Responds

AG Eric Holder speaking to the employees of the Justice Department yesterday called America a nation of “cowards”. I had t listen to this a couple times to actually figure what he was talking about. Could he be talking about a refusal to discuss race relations openly? Surely not that.

Since Obama’s run for the Presidency it is just about all the Democrats for sure and perhaps a majority of the population in general, have been talking about. What’s stunning is the remainder of his remarks where, among other things, he says Americans retreat into the cocoon of our like minded and presumably racially segregated suburbs and communities. Please take the poll.


Please read Powerline’s take on this.

Attorney General Holder has called America “a nation of cowards” when it comes to “things racial.” According to Holder, “average Americans” are afraid to “talk enough with each other about race.”

By using the word “cowards,” Holder has gotten himself some attention, at least for today. That’s ironic because his long-winded speech is 99 percent content free.

To add to the irony, in the one place where Holder introduces a little content, he demonstrates that he has no interest in genuine dialogue, and reveals himself to be a “coward” on “things racial.”

Update: Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) addresses the Holder comments this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He took issue with the Holder comments in so much as they don’t describe the America today … the younger generations. But the kicker comes half way in when Joe asks Cummings whether the government should step in to force us to …. ummm … go to church together? I’m not sure why Joe used the church analogy. At least Cummings saw the folly.


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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Holder, you are useless punk.  Holder, you facilitated pardoning terrorists when Clinton was President and now you have the audacity to call me a COWARD because I may not picnic with other Races.   Get the Hell out of my backyard and prosecute all the illegals that are in the United States.  Prosecute the leaders of Freddie, Fanny, Countrywide, Congress, the Cabinet.  Damn it Holder, do your job or resign.  Stop being a sissy ass name caller.

    Hey idiot AG….you let the real COWARDS get away.

  2. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Honestly, how do these people sleep?  Until I met my wife, I was a single, white, heterosexual, catholic, middle-class male and I was told by liberal politicians and pundits from every special interest imaginable that not only did my opinion not matter (because I had no standing), but that I was the problem!  The Politically Correct Police has spent years quietly and subconsciously conditioning the "majority" to bite their tongues.  And now, after the liberal press and Democrat party have successfully eliminated any honest public discourse, we are now told that we are COWARDS for not speaking up more.

    When I think back on the first month of the Obama Administration, I will remember this even more than the absurd political spending spree.  I am tired of being made a political patsy.

      • Wayne SW
        Wayne SW says:

        Yup Davis,   I called the kettle a certain color while I was still inside.  Posted with a bit of uncertainty and wonder,  not sure if someone would catch it.   Nice Job Mr. Davis.  I'll hold the Detroit Public School System in higher regards now.

        It is even more reassuring to know that the content was not questioned.  Davis, I do not think you are a coward. 

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