Connecticut universities get go-ahead from Obama to increase tuition

Of course, the tuition hike could have been much worse, but since University officials worked really hard to keep the increase from ballooning 15 percent or more, you’re only going to have to shell out an additional 5.5 percent.

President Obama’s plans to expand the governments roll in paying for higher education directly results in colleges and universities raising tuition. Wink wink, nod nod.

By suggesting the government will cover two-thirds of the cost of tuition at an average school with a $4,000 tax credit – in return for community service – the schools just smile, raise rates and move along to the next budget year.

Thank you liberal politicians!

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From today’s Hartford Courant.

CSU, which consists of Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut State universities, will raise tuition 5.4 percent, or $387, for commuter students and 5.9 percent, or $944, for resident students. That is the lowest increase in eight years, coming after a 6.6 percent raise in fall 2008 and 7.2 percent the year before. …

The rise in tuition is a fraction of the huge increase system Chancellor David G. Carter had hinted at in December. At the time, Carter suggested the state waive its 15 percent ceiling on tuition increases if the state decided to cut 10 percent or more of its funding to the four universities. As it turned out, the state only cut 4.8 percent.

The universities achieved the savings by freezing the salaries of nearly 200 managerial and nonunion unclassified employees and announcing they would cut the ranks of those employees by 10 percent by July 2010. The universities have also banned out-of-state travel, instituted a hiring freeze, reduced energy costs and cut back on goods and services.

Teacher benefits – supported by the unions – were off the table I’m sure. I wonder how much of the increased costs is from contractual obligations?

So remember kids… it could have been much worse. And when it comes down to it… the government’s going to take care of it anyway.

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  1. phil
    phil says:

    Yeah.  'Bout time we taught the chillins what to think,  'stead of  how to think.  Wouldn't want 'em to figger out how bad they're getting bamboozled.  Shucks, they might even vote Republican!

  2. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:

    Hey…Thanks Barry!..for the go ahead…The Universities are the biggist price hikers out there. Time my children go to college I will have to mortgage my cardboard box house and homeless shopping cart.

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