Connecticut conservatives call to action

National Review publisher Jack Fowler posted this just yesterday at the corner and he’s right. If you don’t do something to stop these crazy tax increases, you deserve exactly which are to get.Help distribute flyers.

Both Connecticut Democrats and Connecticut’s Democratic governor are proposing the largest tax increase in history of the state, and the state is really old. Close to $3 billion in new taxes will be collected to balance a budget that still will not be balanced if state unions don’t agree key concessions.

Here’s what Jack wrote at the corner. Time for action my little mobsters.

The good folks at the Roger Sherman Liberty Center and their allies (like the good folks atYankee Action are trying to rally the citizenry to stop Gov. Dannell Malloy’s economy-crushing budget — it includes a massive $1.5 billion tax hike (on the nation’s already highest-indebted per-capita state) — from being adopted by our legislature. Please help if you’re a Nutmegger (or, don’t and then complain after the tax hikes are instituted). Visit the Sherman and Yankee websites to learn just how you can help stop the insanity.

The governor, and other Democrats would have you believe that givebacks or layoffs will bridge the gap. But that’s just not the case. The problem isn’t so much how much state workers make, ( although I believe state government, with more than 50,000 workers, not to mention part-time workers and vendors, is too big) the problem is what state legislators have promised state workers when they retire.

As long as state workers can retire in their 50s and received guaranteed annual payments of 40 or 50 or $60,000 a year for 30 years, the state will for ever be trying to fix the problem.

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  1. kimsomers01
    kimsomers01 says:

    great minds think a like….was saying yesterday…the left is happy if we merely resort to rhetoric…but rhetoric is not enough….it does require a call to action and then action…was unsure of action though, maybe civil disobediance and any action would have to be organized…and just listened this morning to a radio show that others are encouraging action and are organized…was planning on looking up Roger Sherman Liberty web site today……what a coincidence and why I say great minds think alike.

  2. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    The state is worse off than before the last election. The people in this state are blue as I called it before the election.There is no hope for Connecticut. We will be paying more and more and more till the cows come home,err back to the state. NH is all too happy to take in people from ct. Heck some of the big employers are and have moved out. Somebody has their thinking caps on.

  3. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    Almost forgot.Do the math.Add union employees to those on the dole one way or another = we can’t win—————————–Period

    • momforamerica
      momforamerica says:

      Afraid you’re right Gary. Better to move to another state–a conservative, republican one!

  4. momforamerica
    momforamerica says:

    The majority of the people in this state are too stupid to realize what’s going on. What’s more–they aren’t interested in becoming EDUCATED about what’s going on–they just want to live off the fat of the government (not realizing that the fat has melted off). I have a friend who lives on a state pension & I told her I was sick of paying for her. She was all confused! “The state pays for me!” DUH! WHO do you think pays the State??!! Going to the websites now, although I haven’t seen anything work around here yet. Too many stoopid people!

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